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That friend of yours that refuses to drink alcohol or do drugs because he was raised correctly
Ari: Is Schneider coming to that party?
Miki: No he's being a mux and staying at home.
by shizzlepimpniggadawg October 13, 2014
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Short for multiplex.
It means to combine an audio file and a video file together into a single container format, like AVI or MPEG.
I had to mux the audio and video from that torrent before I could make a DVD.

To speed up editing the video, I de-muxed it and then when I was done, muxed it back together with its audio.

I made a dumb music video by taking the video from Eminem's "Without Me" and muxing it with Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl"
by MuxMastaZ March 28, 2009
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To place a raw audio file into a container.
The AAC and MP4 data formats are very different and hence you cannot rename them to one another, AAC must be muxed or the MP4 demuxed.
by 6=0 October 08, 2008
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A spooky non male, non female genital that makes babies on its own.
I have to shave my mux.
by chodeser March 26, 2003
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Mux is a adjective to describe something weird or strange.
Also chocking.

In some groups, Mux can serve as a describing name, for someone different or strange
That's mux! Meaning: That's weird.

Mux.. Meaning: Weird/Strange

Mux! Meaning: *Chock*
by The real Mux July 10, 2008
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