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A bitch who thinks that they are more superior in music than anyone else. They also don't think of music as the best unless they like it. Usually a show off that wants attention and considers themselves as a "prodigy".

=Plural (Musical Snobs or GROUP NAME Snobs)=

A group that thinks they are the best. It can be from choir, band, drama, etc. Usually advance always bitch about how they are more better than their "low classes", but sometimes (usually high school), beginners or amateurs think they are the best than a "middle class" thinking that their director put them their so that they can see how good he/she is (musical snob). They don't get the gist of having fun and think of every concert as a "competition".

Girl 1: Geez, I can't believe that stupid director put me into this band. I can play clarinet so much better than them, I should be in Symphonic not Concert! Hey everyone! I look what I can play! *playing some song no one heard of"

Girl 2: What a musical snob. I would like to shove that clarinet right up her ass!!

Group: Me too!


Chamber: Juuubiiilllattee DEEEEOOOO

Concert: Geez, look at them, one of them almost tried to trip me during our entrance!

-After concert-

Chamber: Aw, look at the Concert, don't worry you'll be in Chambers when your like 20.

Concert: Shut up bitches!! Who wants to even go to a group that doesn't even understand the meaning of fun?

Chamber: My throat soars.

Concert: That's what you get for singing like an ass! Chamber snobs!
by filipinoy91 February 13, 2010
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