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An especially irritating breed of tool, the music snob is a self described authority on what is or is not "good" music. The genre is irrelavant, as music snobs somehow confuse their subjective opinions with objective concrete facts across all genres of music. The music snob is quick to write off your taste in music, and often spout proudly a large number of "better" unknown and/or less "commercial" bands that if you had as good of taste as they did, you would already know about and love. The music snob can be found at low budget local record stores, probably arguing with a clerk about how no good bands cds are for sale. The music snob often prides themselves on their, again, self described "non-conformist" interests, and everyone else is merely a braindead product of MTV. The music snob fails to realize the definition of the word opinion: 1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal., and instead dilludes themselves into thinking that their opinions are more valid than those of anyone whos differ.
Music Snob: Oh my god, is that (insert band here), they suck, they are totally (insert bizzare music sub-genre) not real (insert music genre). If you werent such a sheep youd listen to (insert 1, to an indefinate number of obscure/unpopular bands).

Person#2: Wow you are one annoying faggot ass music snob, why dont you go choke on a dick and die while listening to (insert a likely crappy band they mentioned) you ass sucking bitch fuck.
by greaz December 05, 2006
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