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Mushka is the most kind and caring girl i have ever met. if you have mushka in your life, shes a keeper. she is always sure every person in her surrounding is happy and is always there to help out. Mushka is always there for everyone and will never give up on you. mushka is someone who has values and priorities, and is responsible for them. everyone loves mushka because she has an absolutely amazing soul
by heyyallwhatsupdude March 11, 2019
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definition: little fly in russian and polish. it is a term of endearment (usually referring to big eyes and cute). it was also the name of a dog meant to be sent on sputnik 2 but didn't go due to eating problems.
My cute little mushka with big eyes
by EnviroCHMgirl October 19, 2010
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something you can call someone cool
"oi wat you doin @ the wkend mushka"
by mushka March 02, 2005
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