1. Non-derogatory term to describe africans. Its origins are traced back to the 14th century and comes from the latin word Maurus to describe the inhabitants of the Maghreb which are the Mauri, although in Spain those words are used to describe arabs and not blacks.
Murzyn is the correct spelling of Muzyn.
by shdwsclan April 12, 2009
Polish word for dark. Now a racial term used to describe Black people.
by ZC June 3, 2004
Asian+Nibba=Skośny murzyn
1- Ej patrz stary Skośny murzyn, jaki zajebisty
2- LOOOOL faktycznie. BRUH
by elczu April 28, 2020
She is a very iconic person, they also love woojin so so much💖!! They are a leprechaun and love irish jigging they are so amazing. Remember to still dream🥹
Yo dawg is that Payton helen murzyn? Arent they woojins biggest simp?”
by .yongbokz May 8, 2022
This expresion is a combination of English and Polish. Murzyn is the polish word meaning African Amreican, and on a hot sandwich mean on a hot sandwich.
by Hugh Jackock January 18, 2008
He is a fat ass cat and really needs to stop eating all that cat food before he breaks his legs just like my fat dog.
“Yo is that Prince Freddie Murzyn? Damn hes a fat ass cat
by Payaydhajajd August 30, 2022