Mom, who do you love more? Me or Mauri?

Of course I love Mauri more!
by idekdog December 29, 2018
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An adjective often used to describe an amazing friend, a gorgeous person, or someone you wish you had. See also, Maurilicious, Maurielicious.
A: Did you see that girl?!

B: Yeah, she's a Mauri.
by Maurissa April 20, 2008
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Mauri is a very handsome guy. He is Asian and very very attractive. Some call him sexy and cute, others call him a charm.
He is very loyal and will never end the relationship. He also shows lots of respect for women.
Mauri your so cute...
by Mauri Ham February 13, 2019
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Show that consists of generally skanky women looking to test the 20th man they've had sex with, and assure everyone that they are 110% sure that it is INDEED that 20th man who fathered their 4th baby, only to run backstage screaming when it isn't.
Maury: Alright I'm here once again with Barbara, who is back for the 20th time to test who she thinks is the father of her baby!
Barbara: Maury, I am 110% sure that this man Chris is the father of my baby!
Maury: Well the results are in...For 3 month old baby Earl, Chris, you ARE NOT the father...
Woman: WHAT?! WHAT?! AHHHH BOOO HOOOO!! *runs backstage*
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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A entertaining show that 98% of the time shows that the Human race is doomed.

"I'm so sorry. I had sex with your father 20 times and your brother 13 times during our marriage, and there is a chance you are not our babies daddy!"

"Today on Maury: Our 12 year old guests reveal to their parents they are prostitutes!"
by Meijer's! January 3, 2006
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A Maurie is a sexy know it all but, as you get to know her you will realize she is actually really nice and kind, she’s still really fucking hot though, when you see her she’ll make you smile for way more than one reason.
Damn did you see that girl she is such a Maurie.
by Maurieeeeeeeee November 7, 2019
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1) An American tabloid style talk show which exploits people of low socioeconomic and educational status, who are seeking paternity testing or lie detector testing to prove infidelity.
2) A tv show where you would find the most ignorant and ratchet Americans who weren't ignorant and ratchett enough for Jerry Springer.
3) A show where people go when they are too dumb or lazy to hit up a lab or the family court for a paternity test.
4) A show where women dash backstage like Olympic runners when they hear that the man they accused is not the baby daddy.
5) A show where Maury asks the accused man, "If this is your child, you will step up and take care of it," but the viewer can predict with 100% accuracy that the man won't do shit whether or not he is the father.
Joseph: listen bitch I ain't your babby daddy
Maria: Fuck you..we gonna go on Maury and find out.
Joseph: Imma be laughing like a mother fucker when you run backstage after Maury tell you I'm not the father.
*2 months later..yes he is the father
Maria: You know this is your son now! You told Maury you would step up and be a father if this is your kid.
Joseph: Bitch you funny. All the guys say that.
by koriandr October 21, 2015
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