The biggest simp history is Sara Bharwani from SXM. She is too much of a simp and extremly kinky ;). She has simped for my hands, hair, eyes, lips, and dad. Yes my dad. She is too much of a simp and she will lose the bet of who is the biggest simp.
Friend: I am such a simp
Me: not as much as Sara, she is The Biggest Simp
by DELETEUTOO October 16, 2020
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The person simps the most, king of simps if you will. There is no limit to how much he/her can simp.
Hey, this guy just googled the definition of SIMP! He's the biggest SIMP there is!
by harburyfc23LMT November 2, 2020
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When someone is a massive simp for someone
People : who is the biggest simp?
Others : James.
by Gh0s1y6 February 17, 2022
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Person 1:Man Lena is Ian Biggest Simp
Person 2: Yeah she'll die for that man
by Ian_Biggest_Simp01 July 17, 2021
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Mordecai: I'm just afraid of what'll happen because...(sighs) part of me is still waiting for Margaret to come back.

Rigby: What? Still? She's not coming back, dude. She's gone.

And Mordecai is The Biggest Simp..
by WeDoALilTrollin April 20, 2022
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