To put forth effort towards a goal and succeed, enjoy, or dominate at the activity/goal. The competition and/or challenge was destroyed from your triumph.
After studying for the past few days I murdered that Chemistry test.
by Mol Coqtiz November 14, 2013
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What annoying, whiney, and probably unemployed vegetarians call eating meat or wearing fur.
"Fur is murder! Love your animal friends! Lobster Liberation!!"
by Deering May 06, 2007
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To take the life of another human being intentionally, and it's usually premeditaded, which means planning.
I had to murder my fucking girlfriend because the fucking whore was cheating on me with a guy who had more better looks and money than me.
by Mr.Killa March 08, 2009
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to completely destroy and embarrass someone lyrically in a freestyle battle or on a track.
Whyte Out murdered his competition on 106th and Park's Freestyle Fridays.

"Eminem murdered you on your own shit, you a dick-riding faggot..." -Nas (to Jay-Z)
by Nick D June 04, 2003
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An extremely practical thing where some asshole you hate dies because you shoved a knife in his frickin back
Man 1: I murdered jim because he ate my pizza Man 2: Cool whatever
by Dukejr May 02, 2017
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