Balls that are the size of tennis balls and produce gallons of Semen
omg did you see his mundos dangling from his shorts
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by Kalvin m October 31, 2019
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The word originated in California tuner car culture. It’s meaning is very similar to ricer, except there are some differences. β€˜Mun dos’ is borrowed from a broadcast TV program on a Spanish channel, called Mun Dos. This program would showcase Latin import tuner car culture with ricey Hondas, hideously modified with huge spoilers, extreme body kits, but with no significant engine modifications. Many of the cars had huge banners on their front windshields that said Honda.

Some mun dos cars include:
β€’ body kits
β€’ neon lights
β€’ turbo emblem when the car is not turbo
β€’ front windshield banners
β€’ flea market chrome wheels
β€’ interior parts painted to match exterior
β€’ 4-speed automatic but has exhaust mod
β€’ no engine mods except maybe intake
β€’ tutone paint job
β€’ sweaty-looking Mexican driver with sideways baseball hat, and the hat isn’t even a flat bill, usually bleached hair tips
β€’ emphasis on sound system, usually custom speaker enclosure also color matched
Damn cuzz, look at that mun dos ass car right there. I bet he thinks everyone is staring because they like his car.
by edmsamurai April 04, 2018
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