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She is the nicest person in the world. She loves kids, art, dance, running, and boxing. She gets in trouble too much! But sometimes she feels alone, she loves to say and do random things. She is a charmer, she gets any guy she wants and never gets her heartbroken or doesn't get the guy she likes. PERIOD!!!! She's really sweet but also has a sassy side that she keeps on the lowkey. You get lucky if you have her. She's a keeper, a diamond, and GODESS. Just don't try her EVER. She will come like a lion and fights for what's right. Don't mess with her or her family and you'll be fine. I LOVE MANAL SO MUCH!!!!!
Manal: A sweet, charming, beautiful gal! She gives me food and that makes me happy. Plus she can skate really well.
by that.random.nice.person November 20, 2018
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Manal is probably the oldest sister sibling in the family. she loves to swim, cook & hangout with her friends and family. She LOVES to travel. Manal is a person that can make new friends fast as she can talk a little too much. Manal literally remembers everything like EVERYTHING she can probably even remember he childhood heck, her babyhood people call her the recording machine (Tape- Recorder). Manal is a neat freak. She hates it and would freak out if when things are not in its place or if the room is messy or if something is 0.5mm away from the place it should be in. Manal is a person that people usually love as she tries to impress everyone but still not be a goody too-shoe. She likes wearing a full sleeve shirt/ sweater and a hoodie, tights/ leggings or jeans. she is very responsible and loves little kids. ANd she loves reading books most probably mystery books like Sherlock or Nancy Drews.
Manal is here! Hey, Manal! How was your day Manal?
by Rokstarrrr1010101 June 02, 2018
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Same English-Egyptian Chic
Damn she is so hot I try to forget but she finds her way in again.
by Future Champions fan January 10, 2005
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This the best artist you can every find and most are really short and small. Very sensitive and can attract anyone with his or her addorability.
by Goatfishy April 30, 2019
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A hot, sexy English-Egyptian Chic. A great test for a real man to test his masculinity on.
Damn she is so fucking hot.
by Adham Hamza December 20, 2004
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She is a arrogant, stupid, sensitive who often creates fights
Be careful..she might smack you
Person 1: That girl Manal is so sensitive she's a demon
by @unknownuser June 06, 2017
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