1. Nonsense; Gibberish; Makes no sense

2. A lie

3. A British youtuber that does mostly minecraft videos
You don't really believe all that mumbo jumbo, do you?

I can't believe all these people just talking mumbo jumbo.

Hey look, Mumbo Jumbo just uploaded another video!
by Ben2403 October 23, 2015
Mumbo Jumbo is a legendary minecraft youtuber, he is known for his experience in minecraft Redstone.He has built legendary things.
The sentence Mumbo Jumbo is a name
by §Lord§ July 27, 2018
-A fake fact that might sound impressive

-A fact that sounds good but has no heft behind it
"You don't believe in this mumbo jumbo do you?"
- The Saint (1997)
by Girish July 22, 2003
Mumbo Jumbo is a famous Minecraft YouTuber who boasts 2.3 million subscribers and plays with others on a server called Hermitcraft.
I watched a Mumbo Jumbo video.
by ClaireBlanc July 25, 2018
A minecraft youtuber who makes redstone and hermitcraft videos
Subscibe to Mumbo Jumbo
by Thezombielord47 August 17, 2018
a person who always forgets his shulker boxes and builds cool bases
If you forget your shulker box in minecraft you say "I did a Mumbo Jumbo"
by BuggedBeatle998 October 27, 2019
A legendary Minecraft YouTuber better than iskall85 will ever be
Do you watch Mumbo Jumbo video last night?
by dirtbike101sup October 19, 2018