(Verb) The action of handing over money to someone in order for them to go to the bar to buy a round so that you dont have to get up out of your chair.
"It's my round but I will Mulholland you"
by Thermopolis P. Wildebeast December 3, 2009
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A slang term often used among the young in Londons urban streets used in place of a noun to describe a person or object. Mainly used in place of the words bitch or bastard, but can be used in place of a variety of other offenses or even more pleasant words.
That fucking dirty mulholland!!!!

Justin: Bruv That Hoodie Is Sick.
Chris : You Lyk?
Justin: Fuck yeah, where did you get it?
Chris : That shop in town, I tells you yeah, the security
in there are a bunch of mulhollands, seriously bro.

Yeah baby, uhh, suck it, mmmm bitch you is one badass mulholland.

Yo, I is slicker than your average mulholland.

John : So, you wanna get wed baby?
Sarah: You is serious, a'nt ya?
John : Hell yeah, how's about it sexy?
Sarah: Come ere ya Mulholland! Course I'll marry ya.

I wanna ride your badboy 12INCH mulholland all night baby!


When i get my hands on you yeah i will fuckin rip that attempt of a dick of yours off with my bare hand, y'here ya fucking mulholland

Man this is some badass gear, blood, I am flying higher than the clouds....
Whay this be goooood mulholland I is gonna be so wasted tomorrow
by Dylon ya hear July 7, 2008
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(noun) slang for extremely hated and loathed Non Commissioned Officers of the U.S Army. Often seen flexing muscles comprised of steroids, hitting on the feminine sex with cheesy phrases such as " Hey babe, you work for Campbells soup cause you are mmmmmmmm,mmm good,"
Uses "one liners," threats of physical violence, and mass punishment to make up for lack of actual training, intelligence, and the ability to make real friends.
"dude did you see that sergeant come to PT last week drunk?"
"yeah man, he's such a mulholland,"
by touche' September 25, 2008
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Frequently used as a swear-word in central Scotland meaning to be over-horny, filthy-minded and perverted. Can be a compliment but is also used to 'slag' someone off.
Gillian: Kyle, you're such a mulholland!
Kyle: Hurrr >:C!
by Charles Linda Menary June 24, 2008
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To rid yourself of pubic hair.
Whenever I get a hard-on after I have mulholland, I look like a sun dial at noon. Not a good look.
by Urban Candyman June 21, 2010
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To descibe the point in time where things go from making sense to non-sense. Based on the David Lynch film by the same name.
As Johnny talked to his friends he realised that they were no longer listening. This was because he had gone down Mulholland Drive.
by Pat Corb November 15, 2007
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a horrible 8-10 mile uphill run on dirt extending out from mulholland drive. used by coach craig as a punishment for the calabasas high school cross country team
kid 1: i heard we're doing dirt mulholland on monday
kid 2:cock! thats pure fucking dick!
kid 3:rebecca's a whore
by prettycoolcat October 6, 2009
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