To descibe the point in time where things go from making sense to non-sense. Based on the David Lynch film by the same name.
As Johnny talked to his friends he realised that they were no longer listening. This was because he had gone down Mulholland Drive.
by Pat Corb November 15, 2007
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so-so docudrama timeline about fin de siecle hollywood, revisiting themes from 1950's america.

david lynch was the auteur responsilbe for drawing attention to these characters lives

lingering doubts fog the air having watched this contribution to the milieu of pop culture, physically, as whilst indulging in this fact based romcom the viewer is likely to have smoked at least as many fags as the auteur smoked during the realisation of the timeline.

if you missed it, or for moreinformation mulholland drive may be repeated on a late-night broadcast, then you too can ask yourself, is that what it's like, i mean really like. on the otherhand, or you could just give it a miss
by silencut March 2, 2009
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