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The Mukbangers just donated that homeless man 50 bones WOW!
by John Allen Thompson II November 13, 2018
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this fucking retarded trend that retards do, a lot of retards seem to screenshot them too
person 1: screenshots fnf mukbang
person2: Bro wtf is wrong with you
by literal asshole September 15, 2021
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A gangbang with usually 5-9 Men dressed as a certain plumber who always wears red. The bottom, however, doesn't wear a Princess Peach costume like majority would think. They either wear a Donkey Kong, Bowser, or Toad costume.
D.K:Agh my ass still hurts.
D.K:Cus of that Mario Mukbang yesterday.
J.M:Oh yeah that was fun af lmao
by Ped Osmosis January 21, 2021
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Turn of phrase meaning someone who consumes food and drink in a manner that is incredibly displeasing to hear. Typically loud smacking, slurping, or wet sound produced from mastication done from open mouth or loud eating.

Origin: Many mukbang youtube creators increase the gain on their microphones so you can hear them masticate.
Alan, can you please close your mouth when you chew? You have mukbang mouth you slob.
by SeraChimera February 13, 2021
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To mukbang someone is when you are having sex with someone, while eating and chewing into theier ear. Some may like to whisper how great och bad the food might be.
-How was Stephanie yesterday.
-Yeah I was "mukbanging" ger all Night and those fries and nuggets where fire
by Crazy Cock Cam June 24, 2020
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