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Alireza is a Persian name that is placed on brave and kind guys.Those who have a great and kind heart can have Reza's name.And those who are brave and strong Ali's name is suitable for Alireza is abrave ,strong and kind man .
If you do not have an Alireza in your life, you're surely missing something
by Angle 9988 August 15, 2018
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"Alireza" is a persian has two parts "ali" and "reza".

It has a lot of meanings.
A great doctor,a real driver,a person that is always on top and a lovely man who always attracts cute girls.
It also means a hard-working man failure has no meaning for him.
"Alireza" is a loyal,kind,lovely and brave person.if you are lucky enough to have an Alireza in your life,be happy.
If you want to be a successful person,try to be Alireza.
by Dr.Majd August 17, 2018
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A dual Persian name that is equivalent to a name like John-Michael In English. Its usually given to men that are destined for greatness. Ali and Reza separately are names of Islamic religious figures.
Agha: Should I name my son Alireza?
Shoreh: Hell No! That kid looks like a loser.
by Persian Excursion January 26, 2010
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Alireza is the greatest KosLis in the world.
He can seduce every girl and women.
He can also make up every girl in his way.
He is also apple-polisher.
He really loves girls.
Hey guys, Don't be Alireza.
by ATTD01 August 17, 2018
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