video of someone eating and talking
Have you watched the beautiful & iconic queen, Trisha PaytasMukbang?
by 4222443thebaddie June 12, 2018
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When (20-50) types of food are out for anyone to eat (named beacuse its a food gang bang)
"Im gonna go to the mukbang this saturday"
"Dont you mean pot luck"
"No its a food gangbang"
"Why are you my friend john"
by Bang_nibba_poop November 20, 2019
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A mukbanger is an obese person trying to get money with their hobby.
Bro have you seen John? Hes such a mukbanger now.
by NotLök July 6, 2019
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fuckin losers who eat in front of a camera for a living
Guy 1: You watch Quan Trans mukbang?
Guy 2: Quang Tranny? Fuck that fish faced pig. He's a fat virgin
by Pig face Quan Tranny May 12, 2018
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stupid asmr that makes you wanna eat a burger or fat food
person1: why are you watchin god damn mukbang
person2: because i'm hungry
person1: be careful you might catch diabetes
by katoptris February 28, 2020
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Someone who is peaceful loving and energetic who enjoys great eats with a good bev.
The mukbanger sat down and talked at the table as he ate his Doritos locos taco with a Baha Blast
by BBC VLOGS November 13, 2018
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an internet trend where a puff/ a party of puffs eat a sizeable amount of food while talking about their lives/ beefing eachother.
person 1: did you watch touchdalight's mukbang with his bald mate jacob?

person 2: yeah it was shit. neither of them cried
by ya mams a hoe July 16, 2018
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