When someone robs you but then hugs you for awhile before running away
I got muggled today! He got my money, but he hugged me so I don't feel too bad.
by Aly3277 February 15, 2010
Mike: Your brother is hot, Michelle! Michelle: Dude, he's not gay; he's a muggle.
by PSrz March 17, 2010
A COMPLETELY Racist remark aganist those without magical skills! Muggles are people without magical abilities, and "wizards" refer to them as such, completely racist! G-Unit
"Muggles, are basically, everyday humans."
by Uncle Vernon August 9, 2005
Someone who does not have the ability to conduct magical powers. Is not skilled with a wand or with spells
A NON- Wizard, A muggle
by The Black Panther Strikes March 23, 2010
Non-running folk.
James and Will are cross-country runners and also track-folk.

James: Man, my new girlfriend is an all around great person. She's also absolutely SLAMMIN.

Will: What does she run?

James: She doesn't, she plays field hockey.

Will: Dude no, what did I tell you about dating muggles? It'll never work out.
by Albert Brady October 2, 2009
A derogatory term for humans with no magical abilities. Used by wizards, witches, other magic folk, and freak wannabe's. Becomes non-derogatory when used by fellow non-magic persons to their fellow mugs.
Wizard freak: "Ha, ha! Yer a retarded muggle!"(Throws dirt)
Muggle: *cries*


Normal Person: "Hey, yo! Wuddup m' muggle?!
Muggle: "Nuttin' much, blud."

by Mbeh September 23, 2007
Someone who isn't involved in the BDSM community and doesn't identify as kinky. Vanilla person.

How a kinky person refers to their vanilla life.
He's amazing, but he's a muggle and I think I'm going to scare him away.

I can't go to the play party. I have to be at my muggle job.
by ladybedhead June 26, 2014