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An individual who loves veteran vagina, you know, the kind that hasnt had much loving for quite some time.
Franklin had a way with the women, especially the ones over 43 years of age...Thats why we dubbed him the Muff Duster.
by Stevie Y January 24, 2005
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The pubic hair that gets stuck to your upper lip after preforming oral sex on a woman with a hairy muff.
"I heard that Mike got a Muff Duster after eating out Teresa"
by Ehdersicboi January 10, 2013
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Some one who sleeps with women who haven't gotten laid in a long time. Possibly since the 80's.
"Rick's such a muff duster, he's at bingo picking up old chicks tonight."

"He's dusting muffs at weight watchers today."
by J.Teezy November 28, 2009
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