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When you take a shit and it looks like pure swamp juice just came out of your asshole! The kind of shit that is runny....but not pure ass piss!
Holy shit...I drank an ass-load of beer last night and now I have mudd butt!
by TKleikamp January 20, 2009
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when sumone doesnt wipe well enough and they have dookie all up in dey bootie, they
That boy damn near told me he had mudd butt but i could tell by the way he was was a damn shame cuz he got new underwear yesterday
by BLZNAZN May 31, 2009
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When you go to the toilet and a big ass soft serve shiat and you use a whole roll of toilet to clean your funky a$$; taking a huge "pudding" type shiat; Normally smells like big Punn took that shiat;
Damn Punn, you got a bad case of the mudd butt.. Smells like Los Reyes up in this biatch!
by Sewdogg October 15, 2010
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When you have a problem and cant control your shit, it comes out of your butt crack and you feel a warm sensation. the aftermath can leave dingle berrys, depends on the amount of hair you have !!!
stacie had a mudd butt all last week, no pad or tanpon could help!! she had to cut off her dingle berrys from the intense amount of hair on her ass!!
by slsdncagk April 14, 2010
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Mudd but is simply put as anal grease.

*see swamp ass*
No dude i cant go to the party I have a severe case of swampass. I havent gotten off the toilet all day
by Justin March 02, 2005
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