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a turd that just shoots out of your anus while pooping without any effort of squeezing it out.
Cole: Man, I just had a nasty mud rocket poo.
Cody: Ew you sick little monkey.
by block bros. May 19, 2011
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1)someone that sticks their dick up an ass and has shit left on it
2)brazilian fag on stickam
1)i got a mudrocket after i fucked a whore in the ass
2)mudrocket is a poor ass brazilian on stickam
by stickam August 08, 2008
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when you launch a fart and its super wet but doesn't go very far at all and the disgusting odor permeates through the entire room within seconds.
"Butch stop launching those nasty ass mud rockets or i'm kicking you out to go live back in your momma's basement!!!!"
by Jabooga Ruphee Lady December 31, 2009
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