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An individual into scat play. One that perfers to eat a dirty ass and enjoys a little tangy ring juice. Akin to a cosmetic mud pack, a Mud Packer enjoys a little brown matter smeared upon the face.
Carl always enjoyed picking up the local meth whores for sex. They always offered him the dirty ass he enjoyed performing analingus on from going weeks without a bathing. His fetish as a Mud Packer were always satisfied.
by Ben Dribblin February 27, 2015
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a mud packer is when 2 males engage in sexual intercourse
threw the anus. causing the shit to pack up in the anuses
causing constipation. in result causing both males to be mud packers
man i cant shit....eeewwww wat, your mud packer packed u!!!!
by janice4274 November 04, 2007
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