i'll talk to you later Muah!(giving a kiss) love ya lots
by miriam February 22, 2003
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1. the sound you think when you are giving kudos or kisses to someone- when you are pleased with them
2. the sound you think when you are shouting evil curses at someone- or just being an evil little genius
3. anything you want it to be, because that is what "muah" is- it can be said (though i only write it- it is not as cool when said) in many different ways and describes many different moods
1. Muah! Kisses and hugs everyone!
2. You are so bloody pathetic. muah. :censored:
3. however you feel like bloody using it.... make it your word- personalize it :hehe: muah everyone!
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the evil flying hampster ninja laughed at the helpless little orange ant, "muah ha ha , you will never be able to kiss the banana of the mushroom tree"
by picklenickle April 11, 2004
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A salute from a friend specifically to a friend with a kiss without notice or a text message.
Girl- "I wonder where my friend is. I haven't seen my friend all day."

Friend- Muah. "Hi, what's up?"

Girl- "Hi, I didn't see you."
by umbreonxxx August 24, 2019
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an evil laugh proclaiming victory
Girl: i had nightmares last night about that stupid doll murder movie we watched
Boy: MUAH!!!!! that's why i made you watch it!!!
by john jacob jingley November 5, 2007
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The best esapmle of the sound of a kiss.. besides the ever popular *smooch*
Awe.. You so sweet*muah*.. I love you
by Elly January 23, 2005
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Make Up and Hair
Used by photographes and makeup artists oftenly.
Photogrpaher: John Doe, MUAH: CJ Parker Junior III
by iMiKE July 10, 2012
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