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A teacher who is funny and loves to joke around with the class. She sometimes roasts the class though for their poor grades but when you take her tests, you will be convinced that they are rigged.
“Mrs. Smith maaaaannnn...I COULD’VE SWORN THAT WASN’T IN THE NOTES!!!!”
by Salveje April 22, 2019

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A Somalian freshman/sophomore (9th or 10th Grade) who is usually quiet and is underrated when it comes basketball. He does all of the things that people don’t normally do not like to do the court like: Rebounds, Stealing, Lock Down defense and has that textbook layup package.

VARIANT NAMES: Jamal James, Jamal
Bro that’s Jamal James with the layup automatic! That’s my boy Iman James! Don’t sleep on him!
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by Salveje April 22, 2019

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