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When a drunk guy gets all amped up to go talk to some chicks in a bar, walks over, physically interrupts their conversation and doesn't say a thing to them after. Meanwhile his buddies are laughing/cringing from across the room.
Brock crashed and burned last night, invented a new pick-up move called the Mr. Freeze that is guaranteed to fail. Blamed it on the crondo.
by NickInMesa October 25, 2009
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Derived from someone who in the poker world is known as a "cooler", someone that has bad luck to make other people lose. Mr. Freeze's also can be known as doing insane feats and very popular with females. They also tend to have abnormally amazing hookup stories.
Dude, that Mr. Freeze just jumped up eight stairs!!
by Mista Freeze June 12, 2009
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when u masturbate in a cup, then put it into the freezer and wait till it turns into a ice cub then put it in her mouth next make her suck it.
"make me some Mr.Freeze. Suck it bitch mmmmm.. That nice jiz ice cube. "
by Starberry shake September 15, 2007
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A villain character from the Batman Anthology and universe. After his wife tested positive for MacGregor's syndrome, Dr. Victor Fries kept her cryogenically frozen until he could find a cure and ultimately save his true love but an owner of the equipment he was using claimed he was millions in debt and stopped funding years ago and basically pulled the plug on Victor's experiment causing him to react with both desperation and vengeance and became a man that would stop at nothing to complete his research and find a cure even if it meant to kill those who wouldn't follow or respect his wishes.
Mr. Freeze is one of only three villains who wasn't in Batman the Movie from the 1960's but he's his prominent role in Batman and Robin, (1997), was known well, especially for all his ice puns.
by 0221SAM December 08, 2017
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