To wander without knowing where you are going.

To wander not knowing how you got where you went.

This can happen under any condition but is generally more suceptable when under the influence of something.
Um, guys, do you realize we mozied a mile?

How did we get here? We must have had the mozies.

Think we can mozie on over?
by C9 February 28, 2005
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Cowboy talk for going somewhere or walking over to something.
"Let's mozy on over to the mall and mack on some fes!"
by Sly Magoo October 01, 2003
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my gf and also the most beautiful person that i’ve seen in my world

i love you so so much <3
Person: who are u dating?
me: oh, my gf names mozi!
by pp poopoo caca May 19, 2021
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only the greatest of words, used by the smartest, sexiest, strongest, and all around greatest men in the world
this rager is getting old bro, lets mozy out of here
by livetolax69 July 09, 2010
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