A mowhawk is a strip of shaved hair going from the top center of your hairline at your forehead all the way to the center of your neckline.
Friend of GF: What'd you think of his mowhawk?
GF: I know he's on the swim team and all and they do weird stuff but the week before Senior Semi? He better shave the rest for pictures.
by Sid Barrett March 20, 2009
The strip of grass that you miss when you cut your lawn. Looks very mowtarded.
"Johnny, You left alot of mowhawks on the lawn again."
by data66 August 2, 2007
The strip of grass between the road and sidewalk seen in some cities. aids in dog feces camoflagery.
"Gee, I'd rather have a wider sidewalk than a mowhawk."
by tchotchotch February 27, 2007
not a real mowhawk. what happens when a young trendy man (i.e meterosexual) with a short sensible haircut gets a tub of hair gel and tries to spke it up down the middle before going out on the weekend. it can look ok, but mostly looks dumb.
ooh, that punk has liberty spikes but that metero just has a corporate mowhawk.
by llama_taylor May 28, 2005
Mowhawk man = Covid-19

Covid 19 has a Mowhawk looking something around it, therefore it is Mowhawk man
Person 1: Ugh dude I got Mowhawk man
Person 2: Ouch, get better bro, nobody likes Mowhawk man
by WorldwideJk February 14, 2022
A strip of grass that remains uncut after you mow the lawn.
"Honey, it looks like you gave the lawn a mohawk haircut!"

"No, it's a mowhawk! Get it ? MOW-hawk? Ahh hahahahahaha!"

"Uh… yeah; how droll..."
by Chimwechan guy May 5, 2015