Moving on up: You don't tell me to give you an example. I give you an example when I damn well feel like it. Rosie o'donnel bitch.
by Jesus H. Roosevelt Rodruigez January 20, 2011
This is when you are having entercourse with a girl in the doggy rear entry possition and you slowly move your cock up from the pussy to her asshole. You must ride the balloon knot for just a second before penetrating the actual brown eye. If you do all of this you will have officially moved it up a click.
I was giving Suzie a grudge fuck last night from behind and decided to MOVE IT UP A CLICK.
by Joe Weatherly June 23, 2006
You use Move Up when someone is trying to act funny or talk shit. Basically you shutting them down
Don’t speak to me kid 😭.
Bitch what? Move up with that shit you fool
by BigTopOppFromThe50's January 26, 2020
When someone beneath try to talk shit
For ex: Nigga #1“Bro I am 🅰️🅿️ I do what I want “Nigga #2 “ Ok but do you have AirPods ok then MOVE UP!!”
by Jazir Fendi January 3, 2019
A line spoken by the Engineer class from the game "Team Fortress 2", usually used to indicate the movement of one of his structures or "buildings"
"Gotta move that gear up!"-Engineer
The inane crap spouted by Longbrooke FC manager, Binner, every single fucking Sunday.
Binner: "Keeper, penalty spot, runners, come on, get up their hairy arses."
Everyone else: "Sounds like a move up as a unit moment from Binner"

by The Longbrooke Spy October 9, 2006
An army term meaning promotion to a higher position after a senior employee screwed up an assignment. The rest of his career will be served with no more damage. Can be used by any large bureaucracy, but less so by corporations. Read the Peter Principle where an employee is promoted to his highest level of incompetence.
The minister responsible for the African "Ground Nut Scheme" boondoggle during the 1950s was given a promotion and a title. His new position required no real work, it was a classic case of fuck up move up.
by England phi beta gamma June 23, 2007