A concept designed to connect those who are in relationships at a distance. This usually consist of calling each other to start the movie at the exact same time, making sure every word in the movie is synonymous, and staying on the phone for the full length of the movie in order to get the experience as if your loved one was right beside you.
B and J may have watched "Imagine Me & You" over the phone for their first movie date. Or "Would you like to watch 'Feast of Love' on a movie date?"
by jegjkd July 18, 2008
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The act of flatulating profusely after holding in a massive fart while on a movie date, usually comes in long twos or threes. Often is accompanied by giggling from the bathroom stall/urinal close to you by another person/aftermoviebathroomgoer.
Dude 1: eeeerrbpbpbp, bpbpbpbor, plahrrunt "holy Movie date fart!, i've been holding that in for so long sitting next to her"
Dude 2: Wow...hahaha
Dude 3: Hehehe HAHhaaa
by mhadciller October 19, 2009
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A movie that is so shite that you would only see it on a date with someone in the hope of having sex with them afterwards.
Girl: "Let's see Pretty woman/Moulin Rouge/ Sleepless in Seattle/ The Breakup."
Guy (says): "Sure, sounds great." (Thinks) Man, that's such a date movie. Oh well, at least I'll get laid afterwards."
by mahatmagrande September 26, 2006
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The absolute worst movie of 2006. One of the worst films ever. So incredibly awful that they actually put Alison Hannigan in a fat suit. Most of the people who watched it committed a big messy suicide in the middle of the theater. Avoid at all cost. About as funny as a marathon of Mind of Mencia.
Dude, that was worse than Date Movie.

I'm sorry for the death of your mother my friend.
by George of the Windy Hills February 2, 2009
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to date movie, is to repeat something a re-fucking-dicilously huge amount of times, through fault of being a tard
Chris: you see date movie?
Jacob: no.

::5 min later::

Chris: you see date movie?

Jacob: what the fuck? you just asked me that, no.

::30 seconds later::

Chris: you see date movie?

Jacob:: NO!

::5 days later::

Jacob: you see date movie?

Chris: eff you.
by Chris the Fifth March 30, 2008
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smoking weed/being under its influence
Me: Dude, let's go watch Date Movie while watching Date Movie!
Alek: Sounds good.
by sssssc August 15, 2006
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