3 definitions by mahatmagrande

A movie that is so shite that you would only see it on a date with someone in the hope of having sex with them afterwards.
Girl: "Let's see Pretty woman/Moulin Rouge/ Sleepless in Seattle/ The Breakup."
Guy (says): "Sure, sounds great." (Thinks) Man, that's such a date movie. Oh well, at least I'll get laid afterwards."
by mahatmagrande September 26, 2006
A chair conveniently available in some stores that sell fashionable female clothing. The chair allows the male partner of the female shopper to rest his aching legs while he tries not to answer such dangerous questions as: "Does this make me look fat?" and "Which one of these (ugly and bizarre items) looks best?".
A man usually makes use of the manchair early in a relationship, until it is stable enough for him to reveal that he does not actually enjoy traipsing through shop after shop, watching his partner buy (or try on) freakish clothes that only look good on airbrushed anorexic models in magazines. At this point, he can say: "No, you go shopping. I will stay home and: (a) watch TV; (b) sleep; or (c) stick pins in my eyes."
Woman: "Do you mind if I just try on a couple of things? It won't take a second."
Man: No, that's fine. I'll just sit in the manchair and veg out for a couple of hours."
by mahatmagrande September 26, 2006
Medical slang for a person who turns up to a doctor's clinic or hospital emergency department apparently in extreme pain, who really just wants a dose of morphine or pethidine. Often associated with many horrible past and present life experiences that would usually elicit sympathy but not at 2 am on night shift.
Triage nurse: "That guy says he has a kidney stone but I think he's a seeker. I've put him down as category 3."
Intern: Let's hope he gets bored and buggers off to some other ED, or at least gets seen by someone other than me."
by mahatmagrande September 26, 2006