When you have a "friend" come over to watch "movies" with you and you end up in your bed "watching movies"
Hey Laura, what'd you do last night?
Oh nothing, Geoff came over and we had movie night. What about you, Yas?!
I was thinking about it, but I think Mike had movie night with someone else.
by qbnYas December 11, 2008
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A night for which many friends get together to watch movies together. The movies are usually rented, or brought by someone whom is also participating in movie night. Sometimes snacks and drinks are provided by the host of the event.
Crissy: Hey, Shelly, are you going to movie night?
Shelly: No, I'm not interested in seeing Ghostbusters for the ninth time.
by River702 November 26, 2006
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The most important night of my life in which movies are played at a school once weekly at a price of a mere $2.50. It is the one thing that i look forward to and if it didnt exist i would die.
I can't believe they canceled movie night! Now im going to commit suicide!!
by MoViEnIgHtMaDnEsS April 6, 2004
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uh oh, Spring break, I hope MovieNightMadness doesn't die! cux there's no movie night this week
No...Don't jump!
by spernihan April 11, 2004
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A lie you tell people to avoid actually having to spend time with them.
Person 1: Hey man, you, me and my friend should hang out sometime!
Person 2: Oh yeah, we could have a movie night or something!
by GettinShankedInThePancreas January 22, 2017
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a night so epic that it should be made into a movie. Usually involving drinking, friends, sex, and blackouts.
Had a movie night last night woke up in bed with two girls, a phone full of pics of shit I do not remember doing, and an empty bottle of Fireball.
by not4nutn October 25, 2013
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Just guy code for having crazy monkey sex while a movie plays in the background
Guy asking girl: Hey...wanna come over to my place and have a "movie night" with me?
**hint, hint **wink, wink
by tumbleweeds November 24, 2012
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