1. Someone who is really dumb
2. A person who doesn't/can't breathe through their nose
by A-Claire February 21, 2017
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The word Eleven in Stranger Things uses to call someone a Bullshitter.
by Strangest Things December 29, 2018
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The actual meaning of Mouthbreather is someone who has a deviated septum and therefore has trouble breathing through the nose. But people misunderstand the reason that they breathe through their mouths and misintepret it as an insult and don't realize that it is not their fault.
Poor John has a deviated septum and can't breathe very well through his nose. He doesn't have enough money or insurance for the surgery, so he has to endure all the insults and is labeled a mouthbreather
by Frostivers February 5, 2009
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someone who snores extremely loud to the point you have to listen to lofi to drown out thr excruciating noises coming from that persons mouth
"Yo Andy is such a mouthbreather its so hard to listen to its insane"
by psada March 18, 2022
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Did that mouthbreather Draymond Green ever learn to breathe through his nose? Apparently not.
by Hughbabyyy May 7, 2018
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A person who will wear their face mask over their mouth, but not their nose.
Stay away from that mouthbreather, you might get COVID-19!
by Buxrmf January 22, 2021
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