A person of inferior intellect that lacks the faculties to recognize he is breathing heavily through his drooping open mouth; one who watches Fox News and Nascar with religious zeal.
Donnie shops at Evil-Mart like all the other mouth breathers.
by Joe Flood September 04, 2007
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someone who is ignorant to the social courtesies of public movement. consequently, they stifle the mobility of thinking humans by becoming an obstacle which must be negotiated. they can be identified by their despondent facial expressions and wide-open mouths .
Man, I wish these mouthbreathers would get out of my f**king way! I hate people who don't pay attention to where they are going.
by dee eye zee December 20, 2008
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A nearly wiped out ethnic group of humans who breath very noisily through the mouth only. Major causes of death are from suffocation while: giving blow jobs, eating, or attempting to breathe from the nose.
1. Alex almost suffocated yesterday while eating; he must be a Mouth Breather.
2. Sadly, Alexis suffocated while giving Mr. Andryszak a blow job. She was the last female Mouth Breather.
by Douglas Page February 22, 2005
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Adj: - derogative term - Someone of a lower (or no) class โ€“ Usually found in large packs in city centres โ€“ can be of any age (although motherhood stats at 14) โ€“ standard attire โ€“ Tracksuit bottoms โ€“ fake Burberry caps โ€“ jewellery from Elisabeth Duke of Argos. Derived from the fact they breathe through there mouths.
1; the mouth breathers stood in the dole queue.
2; the mouth breathers considered Primark to be an expensive shop.
3; the mouth breathers were unfamiliar with the concept of books or chewing with ones mouth closed.
by Andy The Great July 21, 2003
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The only thing these crude, rude, and obnoxious people have in common with the human species is that they have a hole in their head with which they breath; otherwise, they are pretty much amoebas with vocal chords.
check your local pool hall in any small southern town
by lee ann hansen January 06, 2004
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The word Eleven in Stranger Things uses to call someone a Bullshitter.
via giphy
by Strangest Things December 29, 2018
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The actual meaning of Mouthbreather is someone who has a deviated septum and therefore has trouble breathing through the nose. But people misunderstand the reason that they breathe through their mouths and misintepret it as an insult and don't realize that it is not their fault.
Poor John has a deviated septum and can't breathe very well through his nose. He doesn't have enough money or insurance for the surgery, so he has to endure all the insults and is labeled a mouthbreather
by Frostivers February 04, 2009
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