The best drink ever! Especially for gamers cause it contains a lot of caffeine. Just as much as a cup of coffee.
by Patrik August 1, 2004
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Caffeinated cola beverage made for the sole purpose of providing you the caffeine you need. 1 592 ml (20 fl. ounces) bottle is about a coffee and a half worth of caffeine.
"Dude, I need to get some jolt for this lan party tonight."
by Josh January 18, 2003
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The first energy drink from way back in the 80's. This is actually a cola but has so much more caffeine, as much as a cup of coffee, than regular cola that it keeps you up all night. It has recently made a come back ans is still as delicious as it was in the 80's.
It is also great for gamers who need to stay up late playing online games
Guy 1: I'm thirsty but I don't want a normal cola but I also don't want to get an energy drink
Guy 2: Try Jolt cola it is something that is very good to drink
Guy 1: Wow... you are correct about that my homeslice
by scratch master z June 3, 2008
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A dope new way to learn that uses personalized education coupled with relevant content tailored for the 21st century professional.
I've been taking Jolts to prepare myself for a career change.
by Somoneelsewhodoesnt August 28, 2017
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A world wide know graffiti artist residing in Los Angeles, California.
guy: hey, did you see the new Jolt piece on Imperial and Garfield? That shit was SICK!
by joltone September 5, 2009
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Also known as jerk, jolt is the rate of change of acceleration. The derivative of acceleration. Denoted by j and measured in m/s^3.
Humans experience jolt all the time.
by TacticallyStupid February 16, 2021
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The best Twitter User on the site, no one even compares to Jolt.
"Hey do you follow Jolt on twitter"

"Hell Yeah bro, better than that Nuts guy"

I'm subtweeting someone in Urban dictionary, im on some next level hating shit
by ThunderJoltTV July 1, 2022
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