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Mount Morris, Michigan; an incredibly small town north of Flint. It includes all of the “perks” of living in Flint, ghetto corner stores, hood rats, and a road straight to Beecher. Fortunately for the citizens, however, Mount Morris has clean water AND cops, though some of them may be corrupt. Their high schools teen pregnancy rate could be better, but lucky for them 80% of the schools population is gay anyway! Ah, good ole Mount Morris. The city where the most interesting thing to do is walk to speedway to get a slushie! If you want to do anything worth your time you have to go to Clio, just steer clear of the rednecks, hillbillies, and hicks that reside there.
Mount Morris? That’s a city? I thought it was a sub-division of Flint.
by QueenGeneseeCounty May 21, 2018
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