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beautiful, smart, funny, loving and very friendly.
She's a Clio
by Desmondtutu1970 September 27, 2014
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A small town just north of Flint, Michigan. Clio is home to many types of people, mostly druggies and dirties. You can find these sorts of people at the local drug/dirty hotspot called Cancer Corner (CC for short). CC is located just off the grounds of the local high school, famous for its terrible football team and amazing cross country team. Most of Clio's other sports are average at best. The majority of the girls at Clio High are just a bunch of tricks and hoes. Clio's teen pregnancy rates are at an all-time high, so guys looking to get lucky can most likely find a worthy candidate (if their standards are low enough). With all the dirties, druggies, and bitches, one hardly is able to find a person who is somewhat decent. The odds of finding someone who isn't dirty, stinky, etc. is the same as a person in Mt. Morris winning the lottery, getting struck by lightning, and taking a shower all in the same day.
Do you see that stink? Yeah, he must go to Clio.
by Mysteriousguy April 16, 2012
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The fucked up town that has a sucky football team. Also they have the best Marching, Symphonic, concert Band. Clio The Only City Where The Bandies Make Fun Of The Jocks. Everyone goes to the games just for the band FUCK THE FOOTBALL TEAM.
by KELZ13 October 21, 2008
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A town a few miles north of Flint, Michigan. Clio has a square mile for its city limits. Clio is a really fucked up backwater town where only a handful of african americans live. This might be because Clio has its own sect of the Klu Klux Klan. The residents of Clio believe they live in the south and have a need to rebel something, this is shown by the confederate flags that are flown every where. A good amount of people believe that they are cowboys, despite the fact that they have never stepped foot on a farm. Overall a very shitty place to live.
Welcome to Clio, Now leaving Clio.
by This name is an alias March 23, 2008
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