A motor vehicle or motorcycle enthusiast. An enthusiast for working on motor vehicles.
If you're buying for a real motorhead, buy something hard-core like an old muscle car.
by Foof January 02, 2005
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Where a girl who is driving the car performs oral sex to a male in the passenger seat, and the male must tell the girl to turn brake and accelerate.
Man, Erin was giving me motorhead and she trucked a group of school children.
by black phoenix March 21, 2008
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1. n A heavy metal band with a facially challenged lead singer.
2. n A frantic act of fellatio delivered at break neck speed. Usually performed by teenagers or 'rioters' in a JD Sports disabled toilet when time is of the essence. Similar but not identical to an Angus.
Hey Sam, do you remember when we caught Pippin giving Merry a motorhead behind the Green Dragon after they stole some of farmer Maggot's special stock mushrooms? That was fucking awesome.
by dogegg August 14, 2011
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A form of high-velocity blowjob. Ie: a blowjob at a higher speed and with more force than usual.
My girlfriend gave me the best motorhead last night.
by Ewan Slater May 19, 2007
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A mullet sporting, small dick, muscle car driving fag. These types of people have been losers their whole life and they use speed to help them feel better about themselves.
Hey Jay my GTO can beat your camaro I bet! Hey dude lets not argue about this lets just go upstairs and you can wear my ass as a hat.
by fuck your world August 26, 2003
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A female who is generally drawn to a man because of his car; the fancier the car, the more attracted she is to you. If you dont have a nice car, she wont even notice you
She never gave him the time of day before; but now that he has a brand new bentley, that motorhead wants to suck him off!!!
by annonymous**** April 30, 2010
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