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A town near the middle of Washington, where it doesn't rain, there aren't any naturaly green trees, there are no mountains near by and it smells as though a large herd of dead cows is rotting near by. The only thing it has going for it, is that it gets ridiculously hot and there is a lake, which attracts idiots from all over, who thinking wearing a cowboy hat makes them fit in, but at the same time they think there are male cows. Even though it smells and it is hot, it will always be better than Ephrata in the end.
Lets go hold our breathe in Moses Lake this weekend, so we can get sunburnt.

I was in Moses Lake and saw this cow with giant horns.
by Sam Wilderberry March 15, 2011
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Probably THE most boring town ever, it stinks most of the time, and if your looking for something to do, dont come here...well unless your idea of fun is fucking wal-mart. ZBut on the flipside, there is good fishing and weve got the dunes
Moses Lake is really really really gay
by Braeden Manor April 07, 2008
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A stupid Ass town in the middle of washington. no one likes it, but for some reason wen you leaave you wanna come back. its like a black hole. it just forces you back into it somehow with its magical powers. litteraly the only thing fun there is walmart. its where everyone hangs out. its in the middle of no where. and none of the red necks can hear your blood curdling screams of boredom. ENJOY (:
Red Neck1: hey im farming some new corn wanna see cuz thats the only fun thing to do here in moses lake is watch corn grow.

Red Neck2: Nah me and some hillbilly friends of mine are heading to walmart, and hope we dont get jumped wen we ride our tractor through this moses shit hole
by Taylorterror August 14, 2009
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aka: moses hole, hell. neck town in the middle of a desert in washington
2.the desert oasis! as fuck. smells like dead fish
beaner:man we were in wal-mart last night til 2 am!
beaner 2: wtf were u in moses lake
beaner: yeah man. fuckin great.

person1: man never goin back to hell
person2: try living there.
by zofo July 10, 2008
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Moses Lakes a town in the middle of nowhere, where there is nothing and I repeat NOTHING to do. We have Walmart.. and even it closes at 12. So all that leaves is partying, which everyone does. And of course parents find out everything because everyone knows everyone. So if you're looking to get grounded for life, come here.
Person 1: Bro, shes hot I wanna fuck her.
Person 2: No way bro! Shes the principals son.

Person 1: ...Were cousins?!
Person: Sick. I guess it is Moses Lake though.
by WRL.ML. October 14, 2011
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