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The most beautiful girl ever. She will always argue with people that say she's pretty, and is extremely stubborn. She has great taste in music and will always be self conscious about her weight, whether or not she should be. She's really smart, and freaking hilarious. She tends to fall for guys that are nowhere near good enough for her. She always keeps a smile on her face, even when she has every right to break down. But those her know her good enough will see that smile falter when she gets tired of putting up an act.
Ephrata, just accept the fact that you're not fat and you're freaking gorgeous and stop arguing with me.

Fine... *few seconds later* But you're wrong.
by Kidozhundk November 19, 2018
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A small city of about 20,000 people located in Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This town is centrally located being only 15 minutes from both Lancaster city and Reading, PA. It is a 45 minute drive from both Philly and Harrisburg. And only an hour and a half from Baltimore.

This town is most well known for it's massive flea market(open only on Fridays), It's yearly street fair, and the 24 hour diner & truckstop located along Route 322 on the outskirts of the east side of town (A great place for tourist or passers thru to purchase hookers and crack- cocaine).
"I went to Ephrata to buy some counterfeit Nike's from the Friday flea market, and afterwards I hired a cheap prostitute at the 24 hour truckstop."
by crack cat May 26, 2009
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daughter- hey mom Ephrata has been following me every where
mom- she is just trying to get to know you
daughter- well... she follows me in aftercare, she sits next to me every where, and she always is annoying
mom- never mind... you are right she is a stalker
daughter- finally, someone believes me
by ihatelife101 May 20, 2018
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