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A morsal is a girl who don't take shit from no one , gives no fucks , has hella fun , and is wild in bed. Once you get a morsal she got you for life. She has those water melon titties and fat ass. She has an addictive personality once you get a taste you have to come back for more. Morsals have a pussy like morphine, you'll wanna fuck all day long. Morsals often make the best of friends because they tell it like it is but never fail to make you feel accepted and loved , giving you the best advice. Morsals are always beautiful even when they don't try and every phillipino she meets falls for her instantly. Morsals are head turners, with a contagious smile, and a killer bod. Once you friend a morsal never fuck it up cause you will regret it.
Man this girl I met, she's a morsal, she's a keeper.
by Princess Diana May 26, 2017
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A pretty girl who is indecisive and who has a lot of doubts in herself.
That girl is really pretty but too bad she has a lot of morsals.
by smanthaR.M September 12, 2010
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A beautiful girl with an amazing personality. Tall, pretty, confident, and an amazing person. Any man would be lucky to have Morsal.
Morsal is so beautiful.
by Khalidafg July 31, 2018
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