Noun, /dar-ee/

A Dari is a very attractive, intelligent, and caring person who you would want to be in a relationship with.
Person 1: I made the right decision by choosing the Dari over the tsundere over there.
Person 2: You sure are right.
by Smart4Life April 15, 2018
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Dari is a dilect of Persian language, spoken in Afghanistan. It is the Language of majority of Afghanistan people, according to the CIA's factbook.

Dari is the official and the most common language spoken in Afghanistan.

CIA World Factbook are listed in the chart in the sidebar, below the map of languages by region. Persian (Dari dialects) 50% and Pashto 35%. Pashto and Persian are the official languages of the country. Hazaragi, spoken by the Hazara minority, is another dialect of Persian. Other languages spoken include Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 9%, as well as 30 minor languages 4% (primarily Balochi, Nuristani, Pashai, Brahui, Pamiri languages, Hindko, etc.). Bilingualism is common.

According to the Encyclopædia Iranica, the Persian language is the mother tongue of roughly one-third of Afghanistan's population, while it is also the most widely used language of the country, spoken by around 80% of the population. It further states that Pashto is spoken by around 50% of the population.
فارسی دری، زبان اکثریت مردم افغانستان است.

Translation: Dari (Farsi) is the language of majority of Afghanistan's people.
by Aria Tamaddon December 5, 2008
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The plural version of the name darius. Used when there are multiple darius in class. Dari is used by students in multiple countries to address people called darius
by Yang rui shu gfkl March 26, 2021
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Dariely is a name for a girl who is the most attractive,sexy, nicest and bootylicious girl. She's kind and always thinks of other people. Easy to fall in love with.She smart and a hard worker.Buts love having fun and laughing with the most beautiful laugh. Gives the best hugs and kisses ever.She beautiful in the inside as well the outside.
Son:Mom I ment this girl who is attractive, sexy nice and bootylicious.

Mom:Oh a Dariely


nd i love her
by Mango Tango D.O.E. February 23, 2015
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1. Simply perfect in all aspects, smart: book, intra/interpersonal smarts very smart, social well cultured, pureheart-considerate, understanding, loving; outgoing; ambitious, open-minded, strong physically/minded/willed just simply strong, humble, full of life and spark, appreciative, unbelievably cute, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, well rounded, perfect body cuddly, huggable just simply perfect and loved by all; enough words for now those were just a few to name. 2.Not enough words to define-speechless-gift from heaven
by xxxASSASSINxxx July 16, 2010
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Darielis is a girl who is out going and dosent let anyone get in her way she is loving and very very caring and really dosent care about what other people think shes very family oriented and does lots and lots of thinking, she also tells the best stories and goes on awsome adventures.
by Manzzzzz-Chini October 24, 2019
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A real g can help you out in life and most important of all always try’s to be the best he smokes but it doesn’t take away from his good personality
Girl•daries is so nice

Dariesthanks baby
by Bigchode69 June 25, 2018
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