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Dari is a dilect of Persian language, spoken in Afghanistan. It is the Language of majority of Afghanistan people, according to the CIA's factbook.

Dari is the official and the most common language spoken in Afghanistan.

CIA World Factbook are listed in the chart in the sidebar, below the map of languages by region. Persian (Dari dialects) 50% and Pashto 35%. Pashto and Persian are the official languages of the country. Hazaragi, spoken by the Hazara minority, is another dialect of Persian. Other languages spoken include Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 9%, as well as 30 minor languages 4% (primarily Balochi, Nuristani, Pashai, Brahui, Pamiri languages, Hindko, etc.). Bilingualism is common.

According to the Encyclopædia Iranica, the Persian language is the mother tongue of roughly one-third of Afghanistan's population, while it is also the most widely used language of the country, spoken by around 80% of the population. It further states that Pashto is spoken by around 50% of the population.
فارسی دری، زبان اکثریت مردم افغانستان است.

Translation: Dari (Farsi) is the language of majority of Afghanistan's people.
by Aria Tamaddon December 05, 2008
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Noun, /dar-ee/

A Dari is a very attractive, intelligent, and caring person who you would want to be in a relationship with.
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Daris is a special name
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A Daris, is a person who keeps very high horizons in all aspects of life; clothing, cars, dwellings and also gats. A Daris is a person who hasn't any time to deal with the scum and dirt of society crawling on the city's sidewalks, hustling for a mere amount of crack and roaches. A Daris is filling accounts and stacking cash in his time.
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