When you're at an event such a sporting match or concert, and need to defecate, but choose to hold it in rather than queue up for the toilet. Inevitably you end up shitting yourself, but you lie about it to your mates.
"Aw fuck, did you see shit running down Damo's pants after the Broncos last weekend? He was in full denial! That's a proper Morrison, ay!
by ballsacklord November 15, 2021
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Living Dionysus who made himself a modern poet.
Jim Morrison is a god.
by Theladyoutthere February 1, 2022
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This man is the God of Carpentry. He wields a 20 ounce Estwing Hammer and is able to single handedly destroy any OSB plywood in his path. He leads the most epic crew in history that are destined to save the world. Morrison is an immortal being who's been here since the beginning of time. Legend states he can build a house in an incredible 10 seconds, and is the only one able to hold his personal estwing the"Estwing Pro".
If you need something built, call Mr. Morrison.
by GrandpaBen September 25, 2020
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A girl who is kind and beautiful and smart very smart she picks weird freinds and is weird herself she is shy at first but once she opens up to you she is the most amazing person ever she is funny and if you meet her never let her go because she is the only one like her
Guy: I met the most amazing girl
Other guy: yeah you must have met Sarah Morrison
by 1182838593929293844 November 28, 2020
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Noun: Diligent middle aged man with a beard and no motorcycles. Allergic to cats and Elliott Keen.
Stop being such a Neill Morrison and let's go home already.
by Grindrboi August 28, 2021
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