A Morgyn is typically really good at art (but yet again a Morgyn is good at every thing) she likes playing sports typically softball but she enjoys almost about anything. Morgyn is usually a really shy person and tends to be silent and keeps to herself but once you get to know her she turns out to be hilarious and loves to joke around with you. Morgyn is beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL she’ll have brown eyes and brown hair and cute little freckles on her face and whenever she smiles it’s like she lit up a whole room.A Morgyn tends to wear baggy clothes or tight shirts but she looks good in anything also she’ll most likely own a pair or two of vans. A Morgyn is a keeper because not only will she be loyal to you but she’ll love like you love her and will be affectionate so you must keep her and never lose her. So if you know a Morgyn let her know that she’s worth it and tell her that you love her and that you appreciate her being your friend or girlfriend.
Boy: Woah who’s that cute girl smiling?!
Girl: That’s Morgyn, isn’t she beautiful?
Boy: Yeah she sure is.
by ya boi alma April 11, 2019
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Morgyn is most definitely the hottest girl you will ever meet. Most likely born on the 13th becuase that is obviously the most amazing birthday. If you know a Morgyn you are obviously the luckiest bitch in the entire world, because this sexy girl is all that you could ever ask for or dream of. If you know a Morgyn, make sure she knows that you will always be there for her, because having her as a friend makes your life better by the minute. Somehow she manages to make you miss her more and love her more every second of every day. Hold on to her tight because she is worth it <3
Boy 1: Oh hawt damn! That girl can dance!
Boy 2: Do you know her name? You should totally wheel her!
Boy 1: No I don't but judging from afar, she's probs a Morgyn
by Willz.<3umorgasm December 13, 2010
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Well... if you know a Morgyn then you know they are very annoying yet very clever. They tend to be very dramatic and emotional. But that’s a positive because that means you have a friend that cares about you!! However bring some headphones along the journey because they tend to be extremely loud!!
Do you know a Morgyn
by Rachxsoph January 9, 2019
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