2 definitions by Nobody will know

Morgan is the best. She has the most wonderful eyes that I would die for and her hair is so long. She Is always there for me and I couldn't live without her. Nobody messes with her cause I guess she's 'rocky balboa'. She constantly asks if I'm okay and hates when I don't answer her cause she thinks I've fell out with her. She always sticks up for me even though I don't want her to. Deep inside she has a sensitive side that nobody sees but I know it's there.
by Nobody will know February 22, 2015
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Gets called Demmi for short. Is one of the nicest girls you would meet and has lots of piercings. Is always there for you when you need someone to talk to and listens to all of your issues. Can talk about anything to her especially boys and you know she would never say anything. She tends to get a lot of attention from boys and is really pretty.
by Nobody will know February 22, 2015
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