More or less than twenty people came to the party.

The children were more or less willing to help.

The boxes were 50 pounds each, more or less.
by idkmybffbill July 31, 2010
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It's like definitely.
Woman: Wanna have sex?
Man: More or less *unzipping his pants*
by lolwutisda August 28, 2008
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you thought you found the cafe you were looking for but the name's different and the crowd unmannered.
- wtf are you? been waiting for an hour
- im here. can't see you.

- whats the name of the cafe you're in?
- "moronesque"
- wrong place, my friend, wrong fucking place
- i told you its "more or less". cafe fucking more or less
by Krkič August 30, 2019
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Corporate speak for, "We ain't hiring nobody, no way, no how." When multiple companies in a given industrial sector say they're doing this, prepare to ride the unemployment line for a long time.
I've been trying to find a job for 10 months. All the big companies around here are doing more with less.
by corporatespeaking September 5, 2010
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Not being more of or less of something.
Two {suburban mom}'s are arguing.
Suzanne- Well, your'e a pouting crybaby that is a good for nothing little bitch who doesn't do anything except screaming 'youre a piece of shit' to people and fucking every boyfriend of mine! Thats what you are, {nothing more nothing less}. So shut the fuck up, Helen!
by -im-on-suzannes-side- June 14, 2018
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To avoid the awkward construct of prefixing adverbs with "more", such as more quickly, or more easily, simply remove the "more" and instead use the phrase "easierly", or "quickerly". Does not apply in all cases, such as in more carefully ("carefullyier"? - nah). But, saves time and space and better than not using the adverbial form of a word at all.
The "more-less" adverb. E.g., "You'll get there quickerly if you take the back road.".
by Quilt45 June 26, 2021
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pretty much the same thing as a bf jacket
except hes not ur bf hes ur friend that u like alot i got one of these jackets
niki:omg nicoles got a more than a friend less than a boyfriend jacket
kasey:omg ur rigt isnt that marks
by =.): britbby November 2, 2008
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