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See; Orinda
Rich white kids who do nothing besides pretend to be black. Some asians present.
by Chris February 27, 2005
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A small town in California that wishes it was still the 1950s, though fails to understand that it's the mid 2010s. The majority of the population is either over 60 or under 30.
The population is largely comprised of Whites and Asians (though most behave as if they wished to be a reverse Michael Jackson), though an Indian and African American population also exist, but are far less prevalent.
Most of the community is extremely easily agitated by those who do not indulge in the 1950s fantasy (or simply those who do not enjoy the outdoors, or those who dislike athletic activities).
Largely a community created by the local Saint Mary's College's (the college fostering the largest acceptance rate in California) student base graduates and/or alumni.
When Jamie left Moraga, he was surprised to learn that technology beyond automobiles existed.
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 07, 2017
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I thought I was in Danville until I realized there was no way to get on the freeway, so I knew I must be in Moraga.
by Adolph <3 May 06, 2009
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Like, the other place that's not Orinda or Lafyatte. Where there's basically no blacks but everyone pretends to be black. It's also that place where Nations went up in flames.
moraga is that place mentioned in the def.
by 54136+05AC9 October 24, 2007
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a place with at the most 20 black people. Everyone else is either white or asian, that pretend that they are blacker than the black people in moraga.
Yo wassup, bitch! I live in the MoTown.
Fo sho?
Yea, Moraga represent!
Oh hell nah.
by IhateMoraga November 15, 2007
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