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A troublesome hairy monster that lurks underneath couch pillows, living off of the tears its' breath brings. Able to breed so quickly it doubles it amount in a matter of hours. Is rumored to be a mutated raccoon skunk that mated with a rat, was bred and created to destroy the jungles during the Vietnam War.
Pest Control : What seems to be the problem ma'am?
Homeowner : We have...a...a
Pest Control : Spit it out, I can handle it.
Homeowner : Mooshy Infestation
Pest Control : *Removes Sunglasses* Mother of God.
by DelicateChaff July 09, 2014
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When one has eaten so many Mushrooms or dropped acid so many times that there brain stops functioning the way they expect it to and they begin hearing things that they would not normally have heard.
1: SO what are we gonna do?
2: I don't know.
1: What?
2: What?
1: Stop saying that
2: Saying what?
1: Mooshy.
2:I'm not saying mooshy.
by Hod March 25, 2008
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