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A delicate and sacred being, sometimes furry. Moon babies are rumored to speak with high pitched Mexican accents when called upon properly.
Dude: "What does the wise moon baby proclaim?"

Moon Baby: "EEHHHHHH, I need some fresh airs!"
by bitch__ass August 11, 2010
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any person that practices religion (particularly wiccan) in the night
the girl was a total moon-baby, practicing magic at midnight every full moon-
by megalo-maniacle May 12, 2009
A moonbaby is the ware/hertford hick speak for 'retard' or 'spastic'. Its not widely know, but its very handy when discussing 'moonbabys' loudly in a public place.
Joe: Hahahaha! look at that moonbaby mate!
Douche: FIT!
by wagstaff September 09, 2007

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