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Supplement to the honeymoon and baby shower. Mandatory vacation for both parents before the live birth of a child. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week. Requires the male end of conception to pay for all expenses out of his pocket. Travel, lodging, preferably at a seaside hotel, and gifts (to the mother to be, not the baby,) are an absolute necessity. Eases away the stress and woe of pregnancy.
Preggers Newlywed: I've just found out. A week after the honeymoon, I'm 4 weeks prganant! Can you believe? Time to plan a baby moon!
by dustruffle April 03, 2008

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Fictional character. An iconic, fresh faced youth from France living in Los Angeles under the keep of his grandparents. Frequently reminds the population that he is of age, in spite of the shackles of education that demand his attendance at a single sex private school with other juvenile boys. Said to deliver pizzas on weekends. Is known to be blissfully ignorant of pop culture or perhaps he just really enjoys playing the part of that foreign oddity. Can be spotted in a crowd by way of his larger than life eyebrows and the hairs of his moustache, which (once completely full grown and combed) will shine like the rays of the dawning sun.
Marc Eustache: I was so excited this morning. I went to my locker and I found a letter from a secret admirer! Then I remembered I go to a school for boys. :(
by dustruffle April 05, 2008

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