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Imperial units; the units US astronauts used to land on the moon.
Ugh, why does google give height results in imperial? Don't they know that the vast majority of the world doesn't use moon units?

Lol, moon units are such a meme.
by TotallyNotMyRealName June 24, 2018
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refers to a girls ass, preferably a big one. used in a derogatory way.
guy 1:"dude check out that chicks ass!"
guy 2: "thats the biggest moon unit i've ever seen!"
by Megzie May 28, 2006
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A moon unit is a person who resembles those who have landed on the moon- strong, powerful, and talented individuals. They have a lot of potential to reach aspirational heights.
Wow, you're so cool. You're a moon unit.
by January 28, 2013
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