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words that teenie girls have taken from other slang words and stuffed them up to become their own brand of words.
some words that teenies have created from other words are-
smexsy, smexy, hawt, lololol,
and words like that, you all get my drift...
teenie girl - "omg, fall out boy are so smexy and hawt!!!one!!11! oohhh i wanna haf ur babieees fall out boy ur so smexual!"
me- "get a life! ur just degrading the band by talkin about them like that! i hate it when you use those teenie words!"
by Megzie July 06, 2006
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refers to a girls ass, preferably a big one. used in a derogatory way.
guy 1:"dude check out that chicks ass!"
guy 2: "thats the biggest moon unit i've ever seen!"
by Megzie May 28, 2006
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